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About Us

Aquila Coating Works is a newly formed company but we have over 35 years experience with coating systems from firearms to automotive to industrial.   The company was formed out Aquila Firearms which has 25 years of experience in custom rifle building.  

Aquila Coating Works will strive to insure our customers are completely satisfied with our work.  With many years of experience with firearms, motorcycles, industrial parts and a general gear head, our customers can be assured that all the proper surface preparation and coating applications are done correctly for a long lasting and durable finish.

Services Offered

Refinishing services of parts and equipment.  We offer Ceracoat coatings, Anodizing, Parkerizing, Industrial Coatings and Powder Coating.


Some of the parts include:

-Motor parts


-Motorcycle parts

-Knife blanks


-Automotive Parts

-Anything that will fit in our equipment.

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