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CeraKote Coating Systems

Cerakote is the leading manufacture of thin film ceramic coatings and offers a number of coatings to meet the toughest environments.  

Aquila has been using CeraKote, for several years now and have found all of them to be a very impressive coatings.  It has been proven to have superior wear and rust resistant properties and are available in a wide selection of colors and specific duty.  We use CeraKote as the standard coating on all of our custom rifles unless other wise specified.

Aquila properly blasts the metal surface with aluminum oxide and degreases all parts and cleans them in an ultrasonic cleaner so that the customer will not have problems with the coating down the road.  We use a custom built convection oven for the CeraKote curing process that ensure even heat, which ensure an evenly cured coating.

Cerakote is a well known firearms finish but has proven to be an excellent finish for just about anything that requires a tough rust and corrosion resistance finish. 

Types of CeraKote Systems


H - Oven Cure Series

Firearms, knives, eye wear, consumer electronics, salt water applications and more.  The H-Series is one of the most popular coatings and is the standard system we use on all firearms.  

Elite Series

This is an improvement Cerakote H-Series which takes it to the next level and improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application. Used on - Firearms, knives, tools, eyewear, consumer electronics, wearables, industrial valves, sporting and athletic equipment, robotics, audio equipment, fresh and salt water applications and any other application requiring a tough, thin and durable finish.  Only available in earth tones. 

High Temp (Up to 800 F)

Automotive i.e. engine bay, trim, interior, wheels, mufflers, exhaust tips, Architectural Aluminum, Lighting, Fixtures, Scopes/Optics and more.  A nice feature of this coating is that it is 100% UV stable. 

High Temp (Up to 1800 F)

Automotive i.e. Exhaust systems, Headers, Turbos, Manifolds, Industrial, silencers and more

High Performance Clears

Next Generation Hybrid Clear Coatings. Unmatched Performance

MC-5100 Cerakote Clear - Aluminum has been specifically engineered for performance on all common alloys of aluminum, including magnesium alloys. Common applications include Polished, Brushed, Raw & Anodized Aluminum used in Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Goods and more.

Gen II NiR

This next generation coating was developed specifically for military small arms, crew-served weapons, and other metallic and non-metallic applications, where a need for the ability to manage the visual and near-infrared signature while enhancing durability, reliability and maintainability would be desired. 

Advancements in camouflage and signature management technologies significantly improve soldier survivability and combat strengths.  Signature management technology employed in combat uniforms have shown to substantially reduce detection by enemy combatants in both day and night operations.  While significant improvements have been made to help the warfighter avoid detection, little has been done to reduce the non-firing signatures of individual and crews-served weapon systems, accessories and mounts.


Specialty Coatings

Cerakote Piston Coat C-186 is a dark brass/gold with a soft metallic finish. Piston Coat is an ambient (air) cure, thin film ceramic thermal barrier designed to be applied on internal engine parts that require a thermal barrier. Typical uses include piston tops, combustion chambers, valve tops, external turbo housings and exhaust components. 

Cerakote is also used by several top fuel drag teams and piston manufacturers, and can tolerate operating temps of up to 1800*F.

This coating has been utilized in the field for a number of years, and is not 'new' by any means.



​​A large part of a refinishing job that is overlooked is the disassembly and reassembly of the firearm.  Aquila also operates a custom rifle shop with years of experience in working with firearms.  We know the parts that need to be polished and which ones need to be checked for fitting issues before reassembling.  The firearm will function properly when it leaves our shop.

We can do anything from solid colors to the wildest patterns.  Take a look at our images below and please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Firearms Refinishing


Complete pistol one color

Complete pistol (most) camo

Add for each additional color

Stripped Frame

Stripped Slide

Stripped Slide/Frame

Remaining small parts










*Includes diss and reassembly


AR Type Firearms

Complete rifle one color

Complete  rifle (most) camo

Add for each additional color

Stripped Upper/Lower/Hand

Stripped lower

Stripped upper


Hand Guard









*Includes diss and reassembly


Bolt Action Rifles

Complete rifle one color

Complete  rifle (most) camo

Add for each additional color

Stripped barrel and action

Stock one color

Stock camo

Add texturing to stock








*Includes diss and reassembly



Complete Shotgun one color

Complete Shotgun (most) camo

Add for each additional color

Stripped Receiver/barrel

Stock forearm one color

Stock camo from

If dirty, add $55.00







*Includes diss and reassembly


Scope Coating Starting at


Please call for coatings on other projects such as Pistons, auto parts, machine parts, wheels....

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Splash is the Most Popular Cerakote Pattern

FDE/OD Green/Black/Brown

Cerakote Camo

Burnt Bronze Explosion


Dark FDE/OD Green/Black/Brown

AR camo 1.jpg

Custom Mix splash



Kryptek Camo


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